I recently took a 3 Night Bahamas Cruise with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Dream.  My family wasn’t with me because this was primarily a work outing.  Since I was solo, I decided that I would do a fishing excursion while at Castaway Cay.

I chose to do the Castaway Cay Bottom Fishing excursion. Here is a link the full description of the excursion. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/port-adventures/castaway-cay-castaway-cay-bottom-fishing/

The excursion cost $147 per person. Each boat can hold up to 8 passengers in addition to the fishing guides. Personally, I would find eight passengers a bit crowded. It’s possible they would then use a larger boat than the one I was on. I was joined by another agent and her family. So there were 4 of use plus the 2 guides.

So the excursion lasts about 3 – 3.5 hours. You meet your guides at Marge’s Barges. This location is conveniently located close to ship’s exit.  Our guides were very helpful and pleasant to be with on the water. They answered any of our questions we had about fishing or life in the Bahamas that we had.

So after boarding your boat. We were taken out of the port are just a short boat ride away. This was part of the fun. Speeding across the water right next to the Disney Dream. You get a great view of the ship beauty and size.

After probably about 20 min we arrived at our first fishing spot. We were maybe a mile off the Castaway Car shoreline. The guides bait your hooks with squid and let you do the rest. We were in about 30 Ft of water, but it is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. Pretty much no casting is needed. Just put your line over the side and let it drop to the bottom.

It wasn’t long before the first fish was caught. Strawberry Grouper seemed to be what was biting as these were mostly what we caught. Earlier I had asked the guides if we could try for a shark. I was wanting to get my money’s worth and catch something that was going to give me a fight.  Sure enough the first grouper we caught the guide used it as bait to fish for something bigger.

I honestly thought we wouldn’t catch anything because the fishing seemed to slow down. I was wrong! Something big hit the line. The fishing guide then handed the rod over to me and the fight was on. I had no idea what was on the other end of the line but I was determined I was going to be the victor. So I fought for over 20 to 30 minutes with all I had in my arms. I felt like a real sports fisherman. I had the belt on to help me have a resting spot for the end of the rod, no way you could just hold it. I had to stop and take a rest a few times.  Between fighting this fish and trying to keep my balance so I didn’t fall overboard it took a lot of my strength.  It was exciting and just the experience I was wanting.

What was it? What had tired my arms out so much. As I got it closer to the surface the boat guide told me it was about a 10ft Reef shark! Yes! I got my shark! There were no plans to actually reel this shark on board. I was able to get him to the surface enough to get a good look at him. Also, he got a good look at us. Unfortunately, it was a brief moment because he started to take off again. When he did this, he jerked his head and was able to snap the line. I suspect the line was cut by his teeth.

I was slightly disappointed because I didn’t get a real good picture of the shark, but It was great fun and I was going to be happy even if no other fish were caught.  We did still have time and another line was put out to try again. This time we did get a hit by a barracuda, but he was able to get the bait without getting hooked. A few more strawberry grouper were caught as well.

Just around 12:00 pm we started to head back in. Arrived back on shore just in time to enjoy some lunch.

For anyone who likes fishing, I would highly recommend this fishing excursion. It was great fun. The type of fish and variety of fish can vary by time of year and conditions. While it’s not guaranteed you will catch fish; I would say it’s highly unlikely that you won’t. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to reel in a shark!

One word of warning. If you get even the least bit sea sick, do not do any excursions that take you out on the smaller boats. I don’t get sea sick, but after 3 hours of bobbing around in the ocean, even my stomach was feeling a little uneasy. They do offer sodas to drink. They just happened to have some Ginger Ale. Which helped out right away. Also, some storms were moving in, and I think the waves were a little bigger that day than others.

Any questions about the excursion can be sent to me at Ryan.Slusher@keytotheworldtravel.com




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