With so many things to do at Walt Disney World®, it’s impossible to do them all in one trip. It seems every vacation I take; I remember the food, places or activities I wanted to try when I get home. I thought I would share a few of the things that are on my Disney bucket list. 

1.)    Visit Walt Disney World® during the holidays. I have yet to see the parks and resorts all decked out with their Christmas decorations, lights and all the entertainment that is offered at that time of year.

2.)    Keys to the Kingdom Tour. I have for awhile now wanted to do one of the tours. Since I have younger children right now, I have been unable to do so.

3.)    Order and share The Kitchen Sink with my family. This legendary treat is offered at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is located in the Beach Club Resort. It’s a huge ice cream sundae that starts out with 8 scoops of ice cream and a whole can of whip cream and everything else you can imagine.


4.)    Buy a set of Mickey Ears. Every time I visit Disney World I look at the Mickey ears. I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. Not sure why, you would think this is something that every first time visitor does.

5.)    Really visit during Star Wars™ Weekends. I say really, because I have been to Star Wars™ Weekends. I went on the very last day it was being held. I missed out on pretty much everything.

6.)    Have a table service meal at every country in World Showcase. I’ve only eaten at the following countries. Mexico, Germany, and Canada.

7.)    Go see the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

8.)    Visit both of the Disney water parks. Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

9.)    Visit every resort at Walt Disney World®. One of the things I like to do is visit and stroll around the different resorts.

10.)    Take a vacation to Walt Disney World® for at least 10 days or more. A longer trip would allow me to get some things marked off my bucket list.

Written By: Travel Agent Dad (Ryan Slusher)

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