In 2013 my family went on a 4 days cruise to the Bahamas. It was not a Disney cruise but we were being followed by a Disney ship! The Disney ship was doing the very same itinerary as we were and in every single port, we could see that black shining Mickey boat docked right next to our not so magical ship. Don’t get me wrong, our cruise was cool but THAT WAS A DISNEY SHIP! It looked AWESOME and we knew that we had to do it next time.

As soon as we got home from those vacations I started to research about the Disney Cruises. Price had always been the reason for not trying it before, but after being so close and reading some great reviews we decided that it would be worth the extra cost.

That was when I met Ryan from Key to the World travel agency who happens to be the brother of a long time friend. He helped me with all my questions and soon we were booked for the Panama Canal Westbound Cruise. We were 5 in total. Me, my husband, my 4 years old daughter and my parents. My mom had always dreamed of doing the Panama crossing so it was the perfect choice for us.

The cruise was FANTASTIC. Every single aspect of it. The Disney quality was present in every detail. The food was delicious. Sometimes it was hard to choose between so many good options. Entertainment was cool. The Disney shows in the main theater are top quality.

Our stateroom was very spacious and comfortable compared to the other cruise companies that we had traveled with before. The split bathroom and the bathtub are awesome when you travel with kids.

The ports of call were always fun. We used Disney excursions and they were very organized with none or minimal delays to get on and off the ship. The Panama crossing day was filled with a lot of information about the canal. It really is a lifetime experience.

The cruise staff was always super friendly and helpful. Every single person from the maintenance people to the higher officials was always with a huge smile and willing to do whatever they could to make you feel home.

Having our child walking hand in hand with Mickey around the long corridors or playing hide and seek with Peter Pan or just sitting on the floor with a princess friend was PRICELESS. She had very close interaction with the characters which is not possible at the parks.

She loved to spend time at the children’s club even with the language barrier since she doesn’t speak much English.

When I was planning such a long cruise I was worried about getting bored at some point of the trip, after all, it would be 15 nights!!!

But I was totally wrong! Every day they have different activities, different food, different characters. The only sad day was when it was time to leave!

And even after we left the cruise I was able to see how amazing Disney and Key to the World Travel are with their customers! I’ve forgotten one of my bags in the port in San Diego only to realize it when I was already in Los Angeles. I talked to Ryan.  Soon he was able to contact Disney, locate my baggage and arrange it so I could pick it up at the port on the next day even though it was a Sunday with the officers at the port were closed!  I just can´t thank Ryan enough for that!

We loved it so much that we are already booked for the next year! Still not sure where we are cruising to but we will definitely be doing it with Disney again.

Written by : Tatiana Oliveira (client and family friend)

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