My name is Ryan Slusher. I am a home based travel agent for Key to the World Travel®. I am also a dad of two boys and husband to my wife Kim. At Key to the World Travel® we specialize in Disney destinations. However, we are a full-service agency with approx 80 home based travel agents. I love traveling and creating memories with my family. I have a customer service background, a love for all things travel (especially Disney), and  love the whole process that goes into planning a vacation.    The reason I wanted to start a blog was to share my personal experiences about places I have traveled.  My hope is to share with you the reader the things I have learned that can help make your vacations more enjoyable so that you are able to focus on making memories with your family. Through my blogs posts and other contributors we will share our opinions about  destinations, money-saving tips, products, and news about vacationing with your family.

You will find that there will be several different contributors to this blog. My goal is to have opinions and viewpoints from a wide range of family makeups and backgrounds. I welcome your feedback and if you would like to contribute to the blog feel free to contact me. Please keep in mind, these are opinions and viewpoints of the individual blog writers and myself. We are sharing our experiences as we see , felt and took part in them. We hope by doing so we can help you make a decision about where, how and why you vacation. Every family deserves to create lasting memories.

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