While we are still waiting for summer to begin here in Wisconsin, we are developing our keeping cool strategy for the Florida heat and humidity. We have an upcoming July Walt Disney World trip.   Summer in Florida is hot and humid.  90’s during the day with afternoon showers that move thru quickly keeping the humidity high.  Even if you are from a southern climate and are used to the weather, you need a game plan of some sorts to deal with the heat.  If you are a northerner, a game plan is even more important.

This is our plan for the July trip:

Tip 1. – Arrive to the parks early.  For many reasons, this is a good idea.  Morning is one of the coolest parts of the day.  Plus being early will get you some enjoyment walking around before the concrete gets hot and you start getting the heat assault from all angles.  Being early also allows you to beat the vacationers who sleep in on vacation.  Lines for attractions are at their lowest first thing in the morning.  This is my number one tip to anyone traveling to Disney.   You can get so much done when you are in the park early.

Tip 2 – Stay hydrated.  When we go into a Disney park we always bring drinks.  We will have either our Hydro Flasks (another blog post coming soon just on our love of this product) or a portable cooler with drinks.  Don’t want to haul stuff in but still want to save money.  Any counter service will give you a cup of ice water for FREE.  You don’t get free that often at Disney, but they also don’t want parks filled with dehydrated tourists making the news.  There is no need to pay the $$$ for the bottles of water at the parks.

Tip 3 – Our portable fans.  We have always had our Walgreens purchased portable fans hanging around our necks for many years. This year we bought the ones that have the water spray bottle attached.  Of course Disney sells a water spray bottle that is similar for close to $17.  I bought ours this past winter for $4.50 on clearance at Walgreens.  Add a lanyard you have lying around the house or buy one for $1 at the dollar store.  It is a much cheaper option than buying from the mouse.  In total, I will have bought my 3 for the price of 1 from Disney.

Tip 4 – Leave the park and rest at your resort.  The afternoon pool trip or relaxing in the room is what gets us thru.  When it gets about lunch time, we head back to the resort for 3-4 hours. This is why I recommend clients stay on Disney property, especially if traveling with smaller children.

Tip 5- Plan attractions and meals to maximize being indoors. When we know we want to be in the parks all day, we try to find a nice place to eat a leisurely lunch. We will focus on rides that are predominantly indoors.  Another fun activity is to shop in the heat of the day.  On Main Street in the Magic Kingdom the shops are connecting so you can shop your way down the whole street while in the comfort of the A/C.

Tip 6 – Dress for the occasion.  This is not the trip to wear your dark colors or your jeans.  We also pack for our boys extra clothes to carry with us.  The parks have splash pads that the kids can get wet in.  Ryan and I let them have their fun and then take them to the nearest bathroom to change.  Or better yet just let them wear swim shorts to the parks. They will dry quickly in the Florida sun.

While I am certain there are many other good tips.  This is our family’s plan of attack.  What are your tips for staying cool during the summer? I’d love to hear them just comment below.

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