On this blog, I love sharing our vacation experiences, even the not so fun ones.  Three times while we were at Disney Parks we have lost valuables, and three times we have been reunited with our missing items.

Before getting into our family’s experience, let me share the Walt Disney World official contact for lost and found.  General rules are that lesser value items are held for 30 days; this would be sunglasses, t-shirts, hats.  High-value items are held for 90 days.  When an item is found, it is held that day at guest relations if you are at a park.  If it is found at a resort the hotel concierge will have the item.  The next day the lost item will be sent to the main lost and found, located at the Ticket and Transportation Center.

If you find something missing, take these steps:
In the Parks & Disney Springs – Go to Guest Relations
At the Resorts – Contact the Concierge desk
If you think it was lost on Magical Express  – Call (866) 599-0951

Here are our family’s stories:

1 – On our last day of vacation we spent the morning at EPCOT, before going to the airport .  Somewhere half-way around the World Showcase lagoon, we noticed that our camera was missing.  We went to guest relations and they had us fill out a form.  Once we were home from vacation we received a lovely package in the mail from Disney, it was our camera!

2 – After eating lunch at the Village Haus in the Disneyland park in California, we couldn’t find my iPhone.  We looked around the area and bathrooms with no luck.  We then assumed  we must have thrown it in the trash.  I started looking through the trash when a cast member noticed what I was doing, and came over to help.  Still, no luck but the cast member said he would keep an eye out, and that we should go to guest relations to fill out a form.  Kim used her cell phone to call my phone for one last effort, before walking to the front of the park.  We called 2 times with no answer when we tried a 3rd time, the cast member answered saying, “I have your phone” 🙂  The phone had slid under the table we were sitting at and the cast member found it!

3-  On a day spent resort hopping around the monorail loop, I noticed a bag of purchased souvenirs was missing.    On this day I had been to 4 resorts, and I had no clue at which one I could have forgotten the bag. Once I was back to my resort, I decided to call the front desk for the Grand Floridian to see if they could help.  I described my items as best as I could, and all the places I had been that day.  They made a note and said they would do their best.  Once again, about 2 weeks after returning home from vacation, a packaged arrived at the house with our souvenirs!

If you lose something on vacation, don’t give up hope.  Let Disney know and keep your fingers crossed that a package might arrive in the mail.

Use the comments to share your lost and found stories.

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