If you have small children you may want to consider your stroller options for your Disney vacation.

You are more than welcome to bring your own stroller into Disney parks. If you chose not to travel with your own stroller, there are a couple of options for stroller rentals. You can rent a stroller from Disney or rent a stroller from a 3rd party rental company.

Continue reading to learn a little more about renting a stroller and also about our experience with renting a stroller from a 3rd party rental company.

Disney stroller rental prices typically run anywhere from $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller.  There can be cost savings if you get a length of stay rental.   Here is information on Disney’s website.  These strollers are only for use inside the parks and Downtown Disney.  I will admit the only time we have ever rented a Disney stroller was in Hong Kong Disneyland.  Our family has always wanted the stroller to be with us at the resort and for the long walks out to the bus stops.  Disney strollers are hard plastic and while they get the job done; the children don’t look comfortable.

Your other option is to rent a stroller from a 3rd party rental company.  Renting from a 3rd party allows you to have a high-quality stroller for a price cheaper than renting from Disney.  The strollers are usually top of the line strollers with large canopies and reclining backs.  You can keep the stroller with you for your entire trip. There are many 3rd party rental companies to choose from.  I recommend that you only use a Disney Featured Provider.  These providers have an excellent reputation.  They will deliver your stroller to your resort.  The rental company will leave the stroller with bell services for pickup when you arrive.  Then when your vacation is done you leave it with bell services and the rental company will come and pick it up.  The featured providers are Magic Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals, and Kingdom Strollers .  While this is the route we went on this vacation, there are some negatives.  If you have a small hotel room a stroller will take up some space, even in the folded position.  Since you have the stroller with you at the resort, you will have to take it on transportation to and from the parks.  Buses and some boats require you to fold the stroller up to transport.  On the monorail, you can keep your child in the stroller.

3rd party rentals offer insurance on the stroller for a small amount.  While the stroller is in your possession you are responsible for theft or damage.  Theme parks are generally safe, but things do happen.  The strollers being rented cost new in the $300-500 range.

When using any stroller, Disney cast members typically move and organize strollers in the parking areas continually.   Your stroller may not always be found in the same location you left it.  Since many strollers look similar, it is a good idea to think about ribbons or other ways to make your stroller stand out to easily locate.  Rental strollers (either through Disney or a 3rd party) will have a small sign with your name on it.

Now that you know about your stroller rental options, I will tell you about our experience renting from a 3rd party.

On this vacation, we decided to rent the stroller for our 7-year-old and 8-year-old (had his birthday on vacation).  Many people may be shocked that we rented strollers for older children.  Both my boys have medical conditions that I thought a stroller would be helpful.  One has a heart condition with very low endurance and the other a sensory processing disorder.  Rental companies offer special needs strollers for a child up to 100 pounds.   My boys are light for their age and I was still able to use a typical stroller that usually has weight ranges up to 50-60 pounds.

We chose to rent from Orlando Stroller Rental because they had the stroller I wanted to rent.  The one I wanted to use was the City Mini GT double stroller.  We wanted the GT for the extra features of larger wheels, more room for the boys, and adjustable handlebar.  I love this stroller!  We rented the single version on our Disneyland vacation last year, so we were familiar with the style.

The prices between Disney’s featured rental companies are similar.  I decided to rent with Orlando Stroller Rentals because they offer a free cooler, free rain cover (we didn’t opt for), and their strollers have a parent console which is very handy.  I wanted the cooler to take drinks and snacks into the park.  I couldn’t find the dimensions of the free cooler online, so I brought my own collapsible cooler just in case.  I am glad I did.  The free cooler was way small for my needs.  I wanted to bring in 6 drink bottles and snack cups to the park each day.  My Thirty-one picnic thermal tote was a perfect size and with an adjustable strap, it easily fit over the stroller’s handlebar.  The free cooler provided by Orlando Stroller Rental would be perfect for a small snack and could easily fit under the stroller in the storage compartment.  I just had more people to hydrate!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Orlando Stroller Rental.  Our stroller was waiting for us when we arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was clean and in good condition.  When the week was done, we turned the stroller over to bell services at Wilderness Lodge.

I am sharing several pictures of my boys in the stroller so that people with older children can see if the stroller may be OK for their children.  My boys had just enough room to recline and be comfortable.  My 8-year-old was 49 inches and 49 pounds.  My 7-year-old is 46 inches and 41 pounds.  The weight limit for the stroller was 50 pounds each side, so we just squeaked in.

As it turned out we probably didn’t need the stroller this trip.  The first time we used it in the park this time the preferred walking.  Walking allowed them to see everything better.  The view from a stroller is mostly people’s behinds.  They wanted to see more, plus the double stroller is sizable.  I love the City Mini for how easily and compact it folds, but on the bus, it does take up room and can make it uncomfortable.  After this first day, we then only used the stroller for our EPCOT day and for our Magic Kingdom day.  The stroller was a wonderful place for the boys to just relax and wait for the 3pm parade at the Magic Kingdom.

While we probably only used our stroller on 3 days, I am still glad we rented it.  Our cost for the week was cheaper than getting a stroller from Disney on 3 days, plus we had it just in case.

Don’t forget about the comments section for any questions you may have.  I would love to answer them.   Booking and coordinating your stroller rental is one of the many services Travel Agent Dad can perform for your vacation planning needs.

One last thought.  As you are trying to decide on if you even need a stroller for your vacation, honestly evaluate your children and their needs.  Don’t listen to other people who say “My kids went when they were 3 and they didn’t need a stroller”.  Great for them!  Their children are not YOUR children!  This vacation will cost you a pretty penny, and you need to factor everyone’s enjoyment into the equation

Blog post was written by Kim Slusher (aka Mrs. Travel Agent Dad).

We received no special consideration from Disney or any other service provider.  We paid for 100% of this vacation.

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