I just want to put the reminder out there when planning your vacation to put some time thinking about your shoes.   This is especially important when taking a Disney or other theme park vacation.

Today I bought new walking shoes for our upcoming vacation that is about a month out.  It was important for me to buy them in time to get them properly broke in.  We are headed to Disney for the upcoming trip. I do not want to be breaking in shoes or have poor quality shoes on vacation.  Did you know that walking through a theme park can easily rack up 7-10 miles per day?  Yes per day.  Especially at Epcot.  It is 1.2 miles around the World Showcase lagoon and that is only a portion of the park.

I will not tell you what to wear to Disney on your feet. That is a personal decision. In the parks, you will see every manner of footwear.  Flip-flops, Crocs, athletic shoes, to even dress shoes, including high heels on some women (insert eye roll here).  I personally need tennis shoes.  Mine are pictured above that I bought today.

I have 2 stories of why shoes are important.

The first story while it is not a vacation story… it is a not completely thinking through how your day will be spent story.  I had to travel for a job interview.  Fly to the city that morning.  A full day of interviews.  Then fly home that evening.  I dressed in my best clothes.  A dress with shoes that had a small heel.  I spent the day of interviews being shown around the facility.  We never used the elevator since we were traveling between the first and third floors.    On the way home I had a layover where I had about an hour to sit and rest.  My feet blew up into balloons.  It was all I could do to walk onto the plane to finish getting home.  It was miserable.

My next story didn’t happen to me, but to a family member traveling with us on a Disney vacation.  After a couple of days of walking around the parks and only bringing Crocs for the trip, our family member needed good walking shoes.  On this trip, we didn’t have a rental car and attempts to find something on Disney property were not productive.  We checked everywhere including Downtown Disney and there was nothing to be found anywhere.  Thankfully we have a friend that lives in Florida who was able to help out to expand the search and save us money on cab fare.

Think about your trip.  What activities will you be doing?  Plan accordingly.

If going to Disney ask yourself the following: what you would wear if you were doing a back-to-back 5k event in sweltering heat and humidity?  When you put it that way it sounds so extreme.  It is that extreme.  Many a vacationer has paid the price of poor planning.  I know it sounds odd to think you are walking that much, but you are.

At the end of the day, your feet will thank you for your effort.

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