When visiting Disney California Adventure this past spring, we decided to splurge and attend the World of Color Dessert Party.  The party presently does not have an official end date so keep an eye out as it could be offered on your next visit to the Disneyland Resort.

The cost is $79 per person regardless of age.  We had a party of 5 so it was not cheap.  One of the reasons we decided to book this party was because it provided seating for World of Color.  Having seats for World of Color is a big deal.  This show requires that you arrive early and stand for about an hour before the show and then stand while the show is in progress.  If you have little kids they may have trouble seeing over adults standing in front of them.   I was having knee issues before vacation, so I felt having seats was going to be the only way I could see this show.

Each person on their dessert plate received:
Cheese: Brie, Mild Cheddar, Manchego
Green Seedless Grapes
Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake
Mickey Coconut Macaroon
Waffle Bowl with Berries and Lime Yogurt Mousse
Mini French Macaron
Dulce de Leche filled Shortbread Cookie

They also brought to the table a bread basket for us to share.

To drink: 
Adults – 2 choices with alcohol.   Champagne and a Wonderful Cooler (Sprite, Blue Liqueur, and Coconut Rum)
Kids – Souvenir ‘Glow with the Show’ cups that were filled with Sprite and Cherry juice.  There was no additional charge for the souvenir cup and the boys loved it.
Anyone – Hot chocolate, water, sodas, and coffee

We arrived about an hour before the scheduled start time for World of Color.  They were not letting people into the seating area until 30 minutes prior to the show, but we wanted to make certain to have a high-top table to have the best viewing.  They have both high-top table seats and regular table seating and we wanted our best chance at being elevated slightly so the boys could easily see over the crowd.

As we waited in line to be seated they checked us in and gave everyone a wristband.  We were showed to our seat quickly and were instantly greeted by our amazing server, Wendy.  She was a delight (actually, all the staff at this party was amazing).   Wendy was awesome and took several pictures of our family and told us to not run off at the end and she would get a picture of us with Mickey’s Fun Wheel all lit up.

Ryan and I loved the desserts.  The teenager in the group thought they were so-so, and my boys hated all the desserts.  My older son Evan ate everyone’s fruit and my younger son Joel had Ryan run off to buy a Mickey ice cream cookie sandwich.     The ‘Glow with the Show’ cups were a huge hit albeit difficult to get home in one piece (one was broke in our luggage).

Once the show started, everyone had a great view and the boys absolutely loved the experience.

Since going to Disneyland is a special experience that we don’t do every year, we are so happy we spent the money for this dessert party.  It made such a relaxing and enjoyable evening.  We may even do it again if we can on the next trip out to Disneyland.

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